• Men's Trend 2018


    I'm constantly asked what is trending in men's hairstyle. My recent client hits the nail on the head for 2018. James, a filmmaker, is rocking the high and tight fade with a hard part and a full beard.


    A hard part is shaved into the hair to create an illusion of a natural hair part. It also helps guide men on where to part the hair as it keeps the look nice and clean. There is an art to a hard part. Ideally, it should line up with the arch of the eyebrow. I've seen some barbers cut the part in too wide, too high, or too low which looks unnatural and unbalanced to the head. Ideally, a proper haircut should flatter the face and head shape, not distort it. Proper analysis of face shape is what will set your stylist/barber apart from someone who just cuts hair to someone who really knows how to create an image.


    For the finish of the hair, I cut the top with a razor to lighten the length and allow lift. Then I applied Fuddy Matte Gel by Johnny B and hit the hair with a blow dryer and a brush to create volume. To keep the hair in place, I applied Infrastructure Pomade by AG Hair. It is important for men to follow up with the correct products at home so they can recreate the look on their own.


    Let’s not forget the highlight of the look…THE BEARD! Beards are to men as what makeup is to women. Well-groomed facial hair lined up with the jaw line will keep a man looking polished and chiseled. Beards should be shampooed and oiled to keep soft. There is a growing line of beard care products available. One of my favorite lines is by GIBS. You can’t go wrong with names like Bush Master, Voodoo Prince, and Manscaper. These oils work not only on beards, but can be used to shine up your tattooed skin as well. 


    There is range of styles out there to fit every occupation and lifestyle of men. It is up to the stylist to decide if a trend look is right for you. Sometimes just a hint of trend is a great way to update your look without going full blown. See Vanessa Drozda at Vida Beauty Design to see what would be best for you!



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    Vanessa Drozda is a freelance hairstylist with over 20 years experience in creating looks for amazing clients. Located in Canton, Ohio. 


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